You can't filter Google Analytics 4 data in Looker Studio. We fix that.

Google Analytics 4 has a complete new data model. Everything is an Event. This is a big change versus Google Analytics UA.

Great opportunities but also great problems.

The Problems:

  • No Sessions in Google Analytics 4 data in Looker Studio.
  • Filtering in Looker isn't possible.
  • Usage limits of GA4 direct data in Looker.
  • Limits of custom dimensions / events.
  • GA4 reports slow to update, sometimes up to days for refreshes.
  • GA4 direct data is hyper-log estimated, it isn't correct.

We fix these problems, leaving you with just the great opportunities.

How do we do this?

  • GA4 streams all events without data-sampling or compression to BigQuery:
    • We process this data back to sessions.
    • We send this processed data back to BigQuery.
    • You connect Looker to this processed BigQuery.
  • This enables you to:
    • Use filters again in Google Data / Looker Studio.
    • No more data-sampling, or hyperlog estimations. Get 100% correct data.
    • No more GA4 usage limits in Looker Studio.
    • Refresh data every 2 hours. GA4 reports can take days for refreshes.

Create your account now, connect your GA4 to BigQuery and let us process this data back to usable data for Data Studio / Looker Studio.

Want assistance implementing this? Send us an email.

The Huge Filtering Issue in Looker Studio Explained:
  • Everything is an event, Pageviews, Purchases, Clicks, Scrolls etc.
  • In Looker Studio all these events are separated when Filtering.
  • For example you can't see the Pages viewed by visitors who made Purchases or Scrolled.

Google Analytics 4 Reports are Estimated:
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